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We have smart contract to sell the tokens. You need to send ETH to the provided smart contract address and then the tokens will be sent automatically to the wallet from where you send ETH.

Standart Bonus 10%, but if you invest more than 1 ETH in one transaction then get 30% Bonus. Recommended Gas amount: 300 000

So please do not use wallets that does not provide ability to store the tokens. Otherwise your new tokens will best lost. Please read guideline in Medium, to fully understand how to buy tokens.

How to buy tokens

Contributors will have option to buy tokens using another cryptocurrency like BTC, Litecoin or ETH directly from exchanges or use FIAT!

How to buy tokens with another cryptocurrency or FIAT

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You have entered to this page by pre-generated referral link, so after providing information about yourself you will be able to see our contract address, and have possibility to get 3% bonus.

If you came for the refferal link, please type referral UID - part of the code after "=". To participate in the affiliate program, and to have a possibility to get 3% bonus.

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